Editor’s note: This article is part of a continuing series in which Paul Ellis, a well-known advisor and consultant on sustainable investing strategies, interviews industry professionals on the topics of millennials and sustainable investing. What follows is an interview with industry experts, Marlo Stil, managing partner and wealth advisor at The Wealth Consulting Group; Kathleen McQuiggan, senior vice president at Pax World Management; and Kelly Coyne, vice president of advisor sales at Pax Ellevate.

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Paul: Kathleen and Kelly, how did you become colleagues at the Pax Ellevate Global Women’s Index Fund?

Kathleen: Kelly and I were introduced four years ago. She was working in sales at Eaton Vance at the time, and I just loved her interest, enthusiasm and spirit for our business, so we kept in touch.

In June 2014 when Pax World launched our partnership with Sallie Krawcheck and Ellevate Asset Management, we created a new role that I thought would be perfect for Kelly.

Kelly: I had just been promoted at F-Squared, but I jumped at the chance to work with Kathleen because who I work for is very important to me. 

Paul: Marlo, how were you introduced to Ellevate?

Marlo: Ellevate caught my attention, and I knew it would be interesting to our women clients. For years, I had shied away from socially responsible funds because of the traditional advisor perspective that narrowing selection criteria would negatively impact investment performance.

But research showing the positive impact of having women on boards of directors and in senior management is very compelling. And I knew our women clients would be interested in focus groups, one of the ways suggested for approaching clients on this topic. I contacted Kelly to ask how Pax could support us, and that was the beginning.