Social Media Tweets Worth Reading
Even experts admit they are always trying to figure out social media, so it is great when they get together to share their expertise with each other to better know what is and is not working with online marketing.

The LIMRA LOMA Social Media Conference for Financial Services, recently held in Boston, seems to be one of the best, if not the best conference that is 100 percent focused on social media for financial service firms and others. One fact supporting the conference's strength was the amazing number of quality tweets throughout the conference -- maybe a financial services world record.

If you did not get a chance to follow the #LLSMC hashtag, here is a digest of insightful tweets worth reading from 30 different tweeters:

@_HannahMLee: 92% of consumers trust peer recommendations, only 14% trust advertisements. Glen Reardon, @google

@adrearubin: Social media is part of an integrated, multichannel marketing strategy --  it does not exist on an island. @curtis_hougland

@AliLowrey: There's no epicenter to marketing anymore. Consumers interact with you when & where they choose. @curtis_hougland

?@amymcilwain: Be a trusted advisor, not just another voice in the crowd. via Kathkeen Mayko, MassMutual

@Belbey: Legal risks of social: ID theft/privacy controls, social engineering, intellectual property, personal v business #foresters

@ByrnesConsultin: Love it! @Actiance & @LauraMeadeKirk: When people ask what is the social media ROI, ask them what's the ROI of their phone.

@cslay1995: 5 minutes a day is a good way for advisors to start using social media. Won't replace face to face, makes it easier. @equalman