Lincoln Financial Enhances LifeReserve Offering
Lincoln Financial Group has made enhancements to its LifeReserve Indexed Universal Life Accumulator insurance offering, designed to help advisors address a range of client objectives and risk profiles, says the firm.

In addition to an income-tax-free death benefit, the product now offers various account options for cash accumulation potential, which can be accessed tax-efficiently and can be used as supplemental retirement income. Each account offers a guaranteed 1% minimum interest rate to protect against negative returns, says the firm.  

Three accounts tied to the S&P 500 index are offered. The “High Participation” account performs best when S&P returns are lower; the “Uncapped” account performs best when S&P returns are at their highest; and the “Capped” account performs best with moderate S&P performance.

A new “Dollar Cost Averaging” account has been added that automatically allocates premiums over time to reduce the impact of S&P 500 index fluctuations. And a new monthly allocation schedule allows clients to easily transfer money to help maximize opportunities.

“The latest Lincoln LifeReserve IUL Accumulator can help diversify a client’s portfolio to better preserve and grow assets,” said Mike Burns, senior vice president of insurance solutions at Lincoln Financial Group. “The product also can help with lifestyle decisions and complement traditional qualified retirement vehicles as a potential tax-efficient income source that offers upside potential, reduced volatility and a level of predictability.”

Penn State Offers Online Finance Degree
Penn State is offering an online bachelor of science degree in finance. The curriculum provides a foundation in the principles of business, economics and accounting, with an in-depth focus on issues and knowledge in finance and financial management, says the university.

Faculty from the Sam and Irene Black School of Business at Penn State Behrend will teach the courses. The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business accredits the program. In addition, students can complete the 18-credit certificate in financial planning through the online course.

Miracle Mile Offers ETF-Based 401(k)
Miracle Mile Advisors, a Los Angeles, Calif.-based investment advisory firm, has partnered with TD Ameritrade to launch a 401(k) platform that is designed to offer investment options using a universe of low-cost ETFs.

This corporate retirement offering provides access to over 800 ETFs covering a variety of asset classes. The all-in annual fees of the plan are projected to be slightly less than 1%.

By using ETFs as the primary investment vehicle, the platform aims to allow companies to offer retirement benefits with flexible options and lower fees, says the firm.

LPL Partners With Ingham Retirement Group
Through a new partnership, Ingham Retirement Group will offer the LPL Financial Worksite Financial Solutions employee advice platform to its plan participants.

Worksite Financial Solutions is an online service that gathers information on each participant’s financial picture and life stage. By adopting LPL’s platform, Ingham will help retirement plan sponsors and advisors better address the needs of plan participants throughout their financial lives. The partnership will also create opportunities for LPL advisors to provide these services to more than 190 plans representing approximately $1.1 billion of retirement assets currently served by Ingham.

Merrill Lynch Program Guides Retirement Conversations
Merrill Lynch Clear is a program for advisors to help guide client conversations when discussing their priorities and concerns for retirement.

The firm has defined seven distinct topics that should be included in client retirement discussions such as health, home, family, finance, giving, work and leisure.

These conversations should lead to goal setting, the creation of an investment strategy to help pursue those goals, and a plan for making course corrections along the way.

Institute For Innovation Development Launches
William Hortz, president and dean of the Web site Institute for Innovation Development, created the site to be an online educational social network for people who work in the financial services industry.

The site hosts a library with informative links, resources, tools and videos. It is intended to provide a secure base for members to collaborate, create working groups and meet others in the financial services community.

According to Hortz, the institute is “dedicated to educating, arming, supporting and motivating member firms in making innovation best practices a vital cornerstone for their business growth.” For more information or to become a member, go to: