Lincoln Financial Group released a series of low-volatility funds for its annuity products.

The LVIP Protected Asset Allocation series of funds will be used for its Lincoln ChoicePlus Assurance and American Legacy variable annuity products, according to the company.

The funds are designed to reduce volatility, protect account values and maximize income during retirement, while minimizing losses during downturns, according to Lincoln Financial.

"As people look to maintain their lifestyle into retirement, they need to be able to maximize their income, while protecting the account values of their retirement portfolios in volatile markets, and that's what our LVIP Protected Asset Allocation series of funds is all about," said Daniel Hayes, vice president, funds management, Lincoln Financial Group. 

Lincoln ChoicePlus Assurance products are available in conservative, moderate and growth options. The American Legacy products are available in balanced and growth options.

--Kathy Lynch