LPL Financial has added technology that will speed up document processing for its advisors.

DocuSign’s eSignature allows advisors and their clients to electronically sign documents and send them to LPL, increasing efficiency by reducing paperwork and speeding the process.

DocuSign’s eSignature is available free to advisors and their clients through LPL's BranchNet technology platform.

LPL said the new tool will boost productivity by streamlining account opening, automate routing to multiple signers, automate tracking of pending documents and client reminders, provide the ability to sign documents on mobile devices, and enhance auditing and risk management.

Christopher Giles, a senior vice president of advisor-facing technology at LPL, said eSignature could reduce that amount, resulting in a significant savings in paper, paperwork and office-keeping tasks.

“We are always seeking new ways to enhance the ability of financial advisors to maximize their time spent on the client-facing aspects of their business while eliminating extraneous tasks and providing a superior service experience,” Christopher Giles, a senior vice president of advisor-facing technology. “The launch of DocuSign’s eSignature solution is an important step forward for LPL Financial, our advisors and their clients.”