While private east coast Ivy League schools may top most rankings of the best academic universities in the U.S., the parties are at public schools in the mid-Atlantic and the Midwest.

According to the Princeton Review’s ranking of party schools, three of the top 10 festive schools are in the Midwestern Big 10 conference.

The Princeton Review’s rankings are based on student surveys indicating the use of alcohol and drugs at the school, the number of hours that they study each day outside of class and the popularity of fraternities and sororities at their school.

To make the list, students at a school had to indicate low numbers of personal study hours, high usages of alcohol and drugs on campus and highly popular fraternity and sorority culture.

No. 10. Colgate University

Located in tiny Hamilton, N.Y., Colgate students seem to know how to deal with their school’s snowy locale. The school ranks No. 3 for consumption of hard liquor and No. 8 for consumption of beer. Between drinks, students can take advantage of the school’s beautiful campus and library, which are also ranked highly by the Princeton Review.