Robo-advisors will put pressure on the industry to lower fees, 60 percent of financial advisors told Scottrade in a poll released Monday.

Nearly 90 percent said robo-advising is a trend destined to grow, with about half of the advisors indicating this online method of managing personal investments attracts young investors. Human advisors, respondents said, will have to find a way to compete for this clientele’s business.

While many in the industry see robo-advising as a threat, Scottrade President and CEO Matt Wilson said it can present opportunities as well.

“Advisors who leverage this concept will likely be able to add scale to their businesses by aligning client preference to solutions provided. While average fees may come down at some point in a macro sense, it will likely be a result of helping more clients across various price points and levels of service," he said.

Scottrade defined robo-advising as online services that use analytical tools to create financial plans or investment portfolios for investors.

For the study, 224 registered investment advisors were polled from May 30 to June 30.