A class about wine that is really about retirement is one way MassMutual’s new endeavor, the Society of Grownups, hopes to engage young adults.

Set to launch in early October, the Society of Grownups aims to give young adults a place to have open and balanced discussions about money, says Nondini Naqui, director of the Society for Grownups.

The endeavor includes an actual brick and mortar building in Brookline, Mass., a Web site, a Facebook page, a Twitter account and various other social media sites.

MassMutual joined forces with IDEO, a global design and innovation firm, to develop a strategy about how best to engage with adults between 25 to 40 years old. 

“A lot of things are happening during these years,” Naqui says. “They are making decisions about going to graduate school, the types of jobs they want, starting a family, or buying a home. This generation is facing a whole new set of challenges, so what made sense for their parents may not be the right choices for them.”

Through classes, events, supper clubs and guest speakers, the Brookline location will offer financial advice in a casual setting.

“All classes will be conducted around a large table to encourage discussion among those attending,” Naqui says, adding that all of the classes offered will have a financial core, such as the one called Getting Better With Age that’s about both retirement and wine.

“We bring in a sommelier who talks about how wine gets better with age and how you should diversify your palate,” she explains. “And we have a financial advisor co-teach that class and talk about how your retirement funds should get better with age and how you should diversify your portfolio.”

Individual sessions with an advisor are also offered. A 20-minute check-up costs $20; more in-depth 90-minute sessions cost $100.

The office hours are mostly afternoon, evening and weekends to accommodate the busy work schedules of this age group, Naqui says.