Rich men want to show off the size of their ... yachts. But women instead want to see the size of their ... houses.

A match site for the wealthy,, allows members to brag about what makes them special and to post pictures, but the men may be posting pictures about the wrong things.

Members on are encouraged to show off their luxury items. The site is designed to match successful people with each other. The bottom line is that millionaire men brag about the wrong things when they’re trying to attract female attention, says Darren Shuster, spokesman for the site.

“Perhaps you want to know which members enjoy collecting exotic autos. Or which members enjoy buying art or real estate, or who has purebred dogs. But seeing is believing, so members can upload their pictures,” he says.

The site provides a number of categories from art and autos to leisure and real estate.

But what are the men bragging about and what are women looking for?

Millionaire men tend to show off their toys and collections, with 70 percent showing pictures of their cars or yachts or a collection of some sort.

Women, on the other hand, more often search for real estate, home decor and art and cultural items.

It is clear women want to know about men’s home life and surroundings rather than their boats, electronics, planes and cars.

According to Shuster, one member says, “I love being able to show my life’s accomplishments: pictures of my hot air balloon, my new movie theater room and my family’s luxury accommodations in Rome.”