Morgan Stanley Smith Barney aims to increase the number of its small-business wealth management clients through an exclusive referral agreement it announced today.

MSSB announced the alliance with Phoenix-based B2B CFO, the largest CFO services firm in the United States which advises more than 800 clients. B2B CFO serves owners of privately held companies with revenues up to $75 million that want to increase cash, profitability, sales and company value.

The relationship, formalized through MSSB's Professional Alliance Group, allows B2B CFO to refer clients to Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. "This is an important professional alliance for Morgan Stanley Smith Barney," said Michael Brunner, senior vice president and financial advisor in MSSB's downtown Houston office. "This concept has the potential to provide a paradigm shift in the way privately held business owners manage their finances. Instead of the traditional 'siloed' approach that involves multiple advisors, business owners now have the ability to apply a comprehensive strategy to help reach their financial goals for both their family and business."