Nearly half of baby boomer women (46 percent) and almost seven out of every 10 Gen X women (69 percent) haven’t tried to calculate how much money they will need in retirement, according to a poll by an annuity industry trade group.

Still, 60 percent of boomer women and 70 percent of Gen X females say they have access to employer-based savings plans, said the trade group, the Insured Retirement Institute. So there is still time for advisors to enroll these workers and increase their contributions in the workplace programs.

On the enrollment side, one in five boomer women don’t have any retirement savings, and 35 percent of Gen X peers tell pollsters the same.

For those who have put away money for their golden years, 45 percent of the older group have less than $200,000 in retirement resources while 86 percent of the younger group have less than that.

The results are based on a survey of 403 Gen X women ages 32 to 51 in December and 414 boomer women between the ages of 51 and 67 in January.

Mutual funds are the most popular investment for both age groups with stocks a close second. Sixty-one percent of boomer women named mutual funds, while 57 percent named stocks, while 41 percent of Gen Xers named funds their favorite, over 35 percent naming stocks.

Commodities rank at the bottom of savings vehicles for these groups, with only 8 percent of boomer women having money in gold and the like and only 5 percent of Gen X women.