Many advisors have not quite grasped the value of having valuable content to share. When sending out an enewsletter, using social media or updating a website, if the content is worth reading, it can have many benefits. These include educating clients, keeping in touch with prospects and strengthening relationships with strategic alliances.

The main issue often comes down to not having enough resources. Do they have the man hours to create their own articles and videos? Do they have the person that can edit the content, upload it to the website and share it with the world through email and social networks? When the answer is “no”, these organizations become stagnant, which isn’t a good thing.

A Solution To The Inability To Share Good Content

Vestorly might just be what the doctor ordered. On its site, it describes itself as digital content management and fundamental analytics for financial services. A more simplistic explanation is that this service allows advisors to share curated content, which can also be customized to have original content from the advisor mixed in the communications.

In a one-on-one interview, Justin Wisz, CEO of Vestorly, talked about an engagement problem. “There is major disconnect in how people want advisors to engage them,” he said. A lot of the content shared today really is not what the audience wants.

Wisz went on to say, “A lot of advisors do not bother to get started with marketing. It is too big a dragon to slay. They’d rather not start or outsource it—or hire someone junior to accomplish it. It ends up in a rise of overhead. We can solve that problem.”

He believes that the advisor’s relationship is really the differentiator, but online it is really hard to differentiate. Because they are already getting information online, it is nice to have the advisors participate in that dynamic. By sharing valuable information through the use of technology, advisors can reignite relationships and get to be a part of their lives.

More About Vestorly’s Offering

The service is mobile-friendly, it can be in real time and can be personalized for the audience, groups or even individuals.

Wisz explained that his company aggregates content people want to see. “We are creating a holistic experience that actually matches what people do online.  We built a search engine for all the content on the web,” said Wisz.

A true benefit of the service is that it reduces “friction” in a business. A content marketer using Vestorly can spend ten minutes a week sharing content instead of ten hours a week without it. The organization accomplishes this through data science and automation. Even if a company has a marketing coordinator, a tool like this can free up that person to do other things.

Lastly, the service has usable performance metrics.  “We built the equivalent of a browser,” explained Wisz. This keeps the reader in the advisor’s digital world, which goes against the current content model most people use that sends the traffic to other people’s sites. Because they are taking actions like clicking on things in the branded reading portal, a lot of information can be gathered on each particular person.

This allows Vestorly to keep the viewer in a closed reading experience. Because of this, Wisz said, “We can get the data on what people want to read.”