Only 6 percent of Americans ages 50 to 64 have no plans to retire, according to an AARP survey released Tuesday.

But just one in four baby boomers say the plan to retire at 65, with a near equal number planning to stay in their jobs until 70 or later.

However, “working” later doesn’t always mean they expect to have more money coming in.

About half of those who aim to work in retirement plan to do it for pay while another half said they want to work as volunteers.

Overall, 19 percent of near-retirees said they want to be entrepreneurs in retirement. However, the closer the respondents got to 65, the less appealing that option became.

Of adults 50 to 54, 23 percent said they wanted to start their own businesses when they leave their jobs. The number shrunk to 14 percent for workers 60 to 64.

Researchers conducted the survey from July 27 to August 3 of 4,975 workers from 50 to 64.