When unusual conditions appear, whether it's a see-saw stock market or an angry Mother Nature, financial advisors need to develop a communication game plan to help quell investors' concerns and fears, says one financial market expert.

And such volatility, whether on Wall Street or in the Great Outdoors, can likely produce an environment where the "business as usual" line for handling clients no longer applies, says Kirt Hulett, senior vice president of strategy and practice management for Securities America.

And regardless of the outcomes of either market or weather crises, says Hulett, one thing is certain -- advisors must have a communications plan in place to deal with any eventuality. And the best time to develop such a plan is before an emergency or extraordinary event triggers the need to systematically communicate with clients.

To be prepared for such out of the ordinary situations, Securities America has developed its "Emergency Client Contact Plan," a guide to provide advisors with step-by-step advice on:

Determining triggering events
Proactive calls - who to call and what the message should be
Blast emails and letters, including content resources for messaging
Conference calls and webcasts
Town Hall Meetings

To download the complete guide, visit www.advisorpod.com.