Madeira Global, an investment advisory firm based in New York City, has been created by Christina M. Alfonso and Alexandra Cart to help high-net-worth individuals and family offices engage in impact investing.

Alfonso, founder and chief executive officer of Madeira, is an international investment advisor whose work spans the U.S., European, Latin American, Asian and African markets. She previously held positions at Smith Barney, Forex Capital Markets, AllianceBernstein, Grameen Bank in Bangladesh and World Wide Investments Group in São Paulo, Brazil.

Cart has designed and managed philanthropic programs for such organizations as the Tribeca Film Festival and Time 100, as well as for celebrity clientele. She is managing director of business development at G2 Investment Group in New York.

Impact investing enables a person or organization to invest with social and environmental objectives taken into consideration.

“There is growing interest in, but also a great deal of confusion surrounding, impact investing.  We’ve found that many investors face similar challenges when it comes to impact, whether it’s defining one’s social or environmental objectives, making informed investment decisions within the impact universe, or simply understanding and accounting for associated risks,” says Alfonso. “Our goal is to help clients overcome these respective hurdles by developing investment strategies that fit within the framework of their values-based philosophies and overall asset allocations.”

Madeira Global offers measurement and reporting of social impact variables using the firm’s proprietary impact, according to the firm.