Sports agent Drew Rosenhaus and financial advisor Jeff Rubin are under investigation by The National Football Players Association for potentially violating NFL financial conduct policies, according to a published report today by Web site

Rubin reportedly convinced many players to invest in an Alabama casino that failed. According to the report, players who invested in the casino lost up to $43.6 million.

According to Yahoo, Rosenhaus and Rubin had a very close relationship for over seven years that adds to the suspicion around the recent filing for bankruptcy for the casino.

The investigation, according to, is focusing on whether Rosenhaus should have kept a closer eye on relationships with Rubin and his players. Rubin advised many players to invest in the casino that is now bankrupt, according to the report.

"Let me say this on the record, I had no reason to believe that Jeff Rubin was doing anything illegal or irresponsible or unethical," Rosenhaus told "We never had any inkling that he was ever dishonest. We never had a player come to us until this casino fell apart."

Rosenhaus reportedly recruited players with Rubin, which is against NFL policy. Rubin continues to claim innocence.