The National Football League Players Association is expanding its financial services for players to include a helpline for financial advice, the association announced Tuesday.

Players will have access through the helpline to assistance in making financial and investment decisions and will be able to obtain a second opinion on recommendations made by financial advisors, the NFLPA says.

The helpline is an expansion of the financial services offered to players, who make the bulk of their money in their early 20s and must be able to manage their incomes and expenses, says Dana Hammonds, the NFLPA's director of player affairs and development.

The helpline is part of the services provided through Financial Finesse, a provider of workplace financial education programs. Financial Finesse uses webcasts and workshops to education players on the importance of financial responsibility.

In preparation for a potential lockout in 2011, Financial Finesse started a program in 2009 that resulted in participation by 1,000 players. Forty-eight percent of the players saved 20 percent of their earnings in preparation for the possible lockout, a move that improved their bargaining position during negotiations, says DeMaurice Smith, executive director of the players association.