After failing to get Congress to approve an increase of 280 financial advisor examiners last year, the White House is trying again by proposing a 27-percent budget increase for the SEC exam unit.

It is a request almost certain to be denied.

The president has never received the Securities and Exchange Commission spending authority he has sought in the three years Republicans have controlled the House.

In the budget, Obama is seeking $386 million for the SEC’s Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations for fiscal 2015, up from $289 million.

Working within what it has repeatedly called inadequate funding, the SEC announced last month it will use less staff time on “mini” risk assessment and focused exams to cut into the backlog of advisors who have been registered for three years or more but never examined.

Obama wants $70 million for the SEC’s Division of Investment Management, up from $55 million.

The White House said it is expecting whistleblower payouts to drop from $15 million last year to $11 million this year. It is anticipating $11 million in payouts for fiscal 2015

The president’s overall budget proposal for the SEC is $1.7 billion, up from $1.35 billion.