The typical ultra-wealthy philanthropist donates $25 million over the course of a lifetime, is 64 years old, has an average net worth of $240 million and an average liquidity of $46 million.

The findings were laid out in a report by Wealth-X and Arton Capital last week, which focused on the giving habits of ultra-wealthy philanthropists.

Some key findings in the report Include:

• Major giving to educational causes accounts for 40 percent of all UHNW donations, three times more than the amount given to health causes.

• Individual gifts by UHNW female major donors, on average, are 26 percent larger than their male counterparts.

• The global UHNW population, which comprises 0.003 percent of the world’s population, holds 13 percent of the world’s total wealth.

• Nearly 70 percent of UHNW philanthropists are self-made and actively contribute to programs that aim to increase entrepreneurialism.

• Impact investments, such as social bonds, will account for 1 percent of professionally managed assets within the next 10 years.

• On average, American households donate $3,000 annually to charity. A UHNW philanthropist with a net worth of between $30 million to $49 million typically donates at least $60,000 annually.

• Billionaires give the most to charity. On average, members of this top-tier wealth segment have donated $108 million in their lifetime.

• Philanthropic bequests are expected to reach $86 billion in the next 10 years.