Combination bricks and mortar/online advisory companies are in the best position to grab millennial market share, Corporate Insight, a competitive intelligence consultant, said in a report released Tuesday.

“(Hybrid firms) like Charles Schwab and Fidelity are best positioned to succeed by offering easy access to guidance, low-cost digital advice and strong web and mobile capabilities, backed by respected brand names,” said the researchers.

The winners in the millennial market will also include advisors that offer innovative financial tools, the firm predicted.

“The demand exists for (financial education aids), but that firms continue to rely too much on static articles rather than engaging, video-based lessons and quizzes,” said the consultant.

While combination firms have their appeal, the study said millennials also find stand-alone robos attractive.

The attraction is not only because that generation’s addiction to anything online, but also since companies like Betterment and Wealthfront publicly tout their fees better than the established industry players, according to the researchers.

“These firms often deliver services at an exceptionally low cost and via platforms that are more Millennial-friendly than what traditional institutions provide. They are forcing established firms to invest in better customer-facing technology and cut price to defend their market share,” said the study.

While student debt has impaired the ability for young adults to save for retirement for now, Corporate Insight saw hope for the future.

In the long term the retirement assets of millennials will grow as they receive inheritances from their parents.  Retirement security for this generation could also receive a boost if there is an improvement in the economy, the report concluded.