Rich, divorced men are much more likely to want to say “I do” a second time than rich women, according to a survey by

Millionaire men are also more likely to want to march to the altar for love than money, according to the survey of 5,000 members.

Eighty-three percent of the millionaire men said they would be willing to remarry within five years, while only 32 percent of the wealthy women felt that way.

Only 5 percent of the men say “never again” when asked about marriage.

For the wealthy women, almost 68 percent swore they will never marry again or they will wait at least 10 years before making the commitment.

Of the women who would consider remarriage, half want to marry for love while the other half say they want someone to take care of them, according to the survey.

For the men, 60 percent want to fall in love again, while 40 percent want to share their wealth or find a woman to spoil, says. Whether they want love or to spoil a woman, the woman needs to be self-confident with a strong personal identity and possibly have a career of her own, says 90 percent of the male millionaires.