Riskalyze, the company that developed a risk analysis tool for advisors, has added the capability to include clients’ annuities and insurance in the Risk Analysis Platform, Riskalyze announced Wednesday.

The new capability is designed to make it easier for advisors to measure an annuity or life insurance product in the context of the rest of a client’s portfolio, Riskalyze says.

Aaron Klein, CEO of Riskalyze, says, “These new capabilities give fiduciary advisors a way to objectively approach the risks and rewards of annuity products, and ensure they only present clients with choices that fit their risk preferences and needs. Annuities can be a core component of a fiduciary portfolio, but only by viewing them in the proper risk context can an advisor demonstrate when an annuity is in a client’s best interests.”

The add-on will be a free upgrade for existing Riskalyze customers. Over time, Riskalyze will continue to add new companies and products into the feature.