Schwab Charitable, a donor-advised fund, increased the amount of its grants to charities by 25 percent last year, Schwab announced Thursday.

The fund made grants totaling $928 million to 48,000 charitable organizations. Support increased in all charitable categories with the highest number of individual grants going to health and human services, religious causes and education, Schwab said.

Among the most widely supported charities in 2014 were Doctors Without Borders, the Wounded Warrior Project, the Salvation Army and local public radio and television stations.

In 2014, 71 percent of the donations were appreciated investments or assets, such as public company stock, real estate or private business interests.

Since its inception in 1999, Schwab Charitable has facilitated approximately $5 billion in grants to more than 91,000 charities on behalf of a wide range of donors, it said.