Scivantage Investor is a customer service and advanced trading online brokerage solution that delivers access to investment applications and real-time information retail investors need to manage their investments.

The Jersey City, N.J.-based financial technology provider has added several new features to its platform that are intended to enable brokerage firms and banks to deliver a more personalized, online investment experience to their clients.

Some of the new features include:
• A combination display of market and portfolio data to help investors make more informed investment decisions.
• A quick trade feature that allows users to trade from anywhere on the site.
• A tagging and user personalization feature that allows users to create customized data views and tag specific records based on their terms, creating a personalized screen view.

“Providing a unique and engaging user experience is essential for online brokerages. In this highly competitive environment, they need to grab the attention of investors in order to keep existing business and attract Gen Y and Gen X investors’ assets,” said Chris Psaltos, vice president of product management at Scivantage.