Scottrade Advisor Service, a custodian to more than 1,000 independent RIAs, has agreed to resell MoneyGuidePro financial planning software to its advisors at a 50% discount.

According to Brian Davis, director of Scottrade Advisor Service, his firm will provide their advisors with a full retail version of MoneyGuidePro, not a custom version. Advisors who purchase through Scottrade will not only receive the deep discount, they will also receive a version that is deeply integrated with the Scottrade Advisor platform. If an advisor initiates a plan within MoneyGuidePro, he or she will be able to automatically pull in relevant client data from the Scottrade platform to populate the MoneyGuidePro application. When the advisor wishes to update the plan at a later date, the Scottrade-supplied data will refresh automatically.

This deal marks the first direct purchase agreement for MoneyGuidePro with a custodian. Previous deals have been marketing agreements whereby advisors purchase their software from PIEtech, not from the custodian. "Scottrade decided to purchase bulk licenses from us so that they could offer their advisors the best possible deal," said Robert Curtis, president and CEO of PIEtech. We applaud Scottrade for their commitment to their advisors and to the financial planning process."

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