In her first public address to mutual fund executives anxious to her plans for money market mutual fund reform, Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Mary Jo White had one word for them: Wait.

Speaking to the Investment Company Institute’s annual conference three weeks after taking office, White reiterated Friday the goals expressed numerous times by her predecessor Mary Shapiro that reforms will be aimed at preserving the economic benefits of money funds while reducing the susceptibility of the investments to runs.

“I’m sure that you would like me to say more about this today. I’ll stop there as the staff and commissioners are actively engaged in discussions designed to yield an appropriate and balanced proposal in the near future,” the SEC Chairman said.

To reassure her audience, White said the SEC will consider the views it has received from ICI fund investors. “I hope that ultimately it will lead to a good, investor-oriented result that has been informed by and can be shared with other regulators in the global marketplace,” she said.

Stressing the importance of coordinating regulation with foreign regulators, she said many of the 7,600 U.S.-based mutual funds with $13 trillion in assets invest in foreign issuers listed on domestic and overseas markets.

“Consequently, if there is an accounting scandal in Brazil or a market disturbance in Frankfurt or Hong Kong, American clients of these funds can be harmed,” she said.