The Securities and Exchange Commission would stop investment advisor registration and examinations during a government wide shutdown, the agency announced on its website Friday afternoon.

A shutdown at the start of the new federal fiscal year on Tuesday appears likely as the gridlock between the Republican-dominated House and the Democrat-controlled Senate showed no sign of ending.

The SEC added that ongoing investigative work and the distribution of funds to harmed investors would cease.

However, the EDGAR system for viewing and submitting filings would remain active as would the ability to take emergency actions to protect investors.

As expected, Social Security payments would be made during a shutdown, and the Social Security Administration said help desks would be staffed if a shutdown occurs.

In addition, processing would continue for payee changes, change of address notifications and requests for appeals.

However, benefit verifications, earnings record corrections and updates and requests from third parties for queries would be delayed until the government is back in normal operation

All payments to beneficiaries of failed pension plans from the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation, as well as help desk operations at the agency, would be unaffected. The agency noted it does not receive any taxpayer funding.

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