With tax season in full swing and investors searching for better ways to minimize taxes on their investment returns, SEI has launched its Advisor Tax Planning Academy. 

The program consists of three, hour-long educational webinars designed to teach advisors new tax strategies that can add more value to their client relationships.

“Investors don’t always recognize the value of the investment strategies advisors recommend, but they understand the returns they’re seeing and actual dollars they’re realizing," said Dean Mioli, director of investment planning for the SEI Advisor Network. "When you talk about tax dollars that’s something that resonates with almost everyone.”

The initial session will focus on the fundamentals of what tax returns can tell advisors about their clients and identify opportunities for enhancing the value of the services they are providing.

The second course will cover portfolio analysis from a tax perspective and how to implement a tax plan from the 1040 by using tax-managed investment strategies. 

The final course covers how advisors can approach gifts and charitable transfers, and examines the use of trusts to minimize income tax volatility.

Headquartered in Oaks, Pa., the SEI Advisor Network provides financial advisors with wealth management services through outsourced investment strategies, administration and technology platforms, and practice management programs.