Hoping to drive like James Bond on a chase through Rome? May we suggest you take a driving school first?

There are plenty to choose from in the luxury category: ones that cost a couple hundred dollars for an hour to those that cost tens of thousands for days of private instruction. Here are six of the best. And you don't even have to be in an Aston Martin to graduate. Though that does help if you're hoping for 007 status—or are looking to learn how to drift on ice.


BMW Driving Academy

What: Safety courses, drifting courses, off-road courses, all run on a former military airport

Where: Maisach, Germany

When: Year-round

Why it’s cool: BMW provides the M4 Coupé you need for the entire course—we recommend the BMW M Drift Experience. Or you can consult with BMW instructors to plan your own customized course training experience.

How much: $130-$1,200 per class, plus more for private, extended sessions. bmw-drivingexperience.com