Social media should be a focus for financial advisors, and TD Ameritrade Institutional understands that. At its recent national conference in Orlando, the company had several dedicated experts speak to attendees to impart the best practices needed to help them Here are five tips worth considering:

1. Listen

Be an active listener and survey the content put out by your peers, industry consultants and publications. As an active listener, you can start to see what type of content resonates with your target audience, identify best practices and know what to avoid.  This will increase your chances of hitting the mark once you are ready to actively engage.

–– Vanessa Oligino, senior program manager at TD Ameritrade Institutional

2. Focus

Concentrate your efforts on just a few social media platforms. A strong presence on two or three sites will yield greater results than a mediocre presence on six or seven. Actively participate in those sites where you would most likely find your ideal prospects and limit the time you spend on the other social media platforms.

–– Kristen Luke, president and CEO of Wealth Management Marketing Inc.

3. Be Authentic

When you incorporate social media into your business, it's important to focus on your strengths. How do you communicate with clients and prospects? Are you a thought leader driving the narrative on a topic, or do you educate on life goals? Bring that natural voice and expertise to what you share socially. Don't be a persona, be yourself.  Authenticity matters.

–– Blane Warrene, co-founder of QuonWarrene