The Chamberlain Group, an independent financial services firm based in Irvine, Calif., is partnering with Spire Investment Partners, a Virginia RIA that wants to expand to the West Coast.

Chamberlain has $200 million in assets. Founded by Michael J. Kiley, Chamberlain specializes in wealth management and executive benefits for business owners. Chamberlain advises companies on providing liquidity to pay estate taxes and facilitate successful legacy plans. It structures buy-sell agreements for companies seeking business continuity--when shareholders leave, for example. Chamberlain also helps companies retain key employees.

Spire is a registered investment advisor and broker/dealer headquartered in McLean, Va. It has 20 offices throughout the United States and manages $1.7 billion in assets for high-net-worth individuals.

The Chamberlain Group’s advisory business will clear and be custodied primarily at Pershing Advisory Solutions, a BNY/Mellon company.

“The opportunity to expand to the West Coast is one we have been seeking for a couple of years now. The Chamberlain Group was the right opportunity,” says Paul Murphy, Spire managing director.

The partnership agreement does not change the ownership structure of either organization. Spire will act as a service provider for Chamberlain clients.