In what states do people get the worst return on investment for the taxes that they pay?

To determine the answer, WalletHub, a research organization that analyzes public policy and financial issues, ranked states in six categories: infrastructure, education, health, safety, economy and pollution.

According to WalletHub’s research, taxpayers in red and blue states nearly tie when it comes to what they get for their money, although states that are considered Democrat rather than Republican fair a little better.

No matter what they get for their money, 52 percent of people feel they pay too much in taxes and most people think about half of their tax dollars are being wasted, WalletHub says.

Based on criteria such as the quality of the school systems, hospitals and roads, and the level of crime and poverty, WalletHub ranked the following states as giving the worst return on taxpayers’ investment. The listings include a contributing factor to their ranking. No. 1 is the worst state. The company also ranked the best states for ROI.

No. 10

Illinois – Fourth-worst water quality