Super Bowl XLVIII’s highly anticipated match up did not live up to the hype, nor did the commercials.

The NFL playoffs delivered the best team from the AFC and NFC, the best offense versus the best defense and the biggest audience ever, with 111.5 million viewers watching the final game. Yet, it fell short of expectations. The Seattle Seahawks blew out the Denver Broncos with a 43 to 8 whooping. The game was virtually over from the first snap, a misplay that resulted in the Broncos giving up a safety.

In past lopsided games, large Super Bowl audiences have been able to turn to the expensive TV ads for entertainment. At least, that is what America had grown accustom to. But this year, on average, they were lackluster .

Still, there were some notable ads that rose to the top…

A Hero’s Welcome
Budweiser helped create one soldier’s special welcome home.

Puppy Love
A cute story where an adorable puppy is being adopted (ie. driven away) from a farm, when the Budweiser Clydesdales save the day.

Time Machine
A kid fools a guy out of his Doritos so bad he thinks he ends up in the future.

The Spill
John Stamos and a groaning model were about to take things to inappropriate levels for the family audience when Bob Saget and Dave Coulier stepped in to clean up the spilt Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt.

The Phone Call
The 80s called and they wanted their store back. Celebrities invaded a RadioShack store to help bring its look to something more modern.

The best standout…