As the World Economic Forum gathering in Davos, Switzerland, draws near (it’s January 22 through January 25), the WEF has released a new report on impact investing: From Ideas to Practice, Pilots to Strategy.

While the WEF has conducted research and issued reports before on impact investing (even highlighting the results at the October 2013 impact investing workshop I directed and moderated in Boston), this report’s content is more tactical. It offers solutions on portfolio construction, fund governance and innovative financial instruments. For investment managers, this type of intelligence is critical to success -- from both a financial return and social reward standpoint.

Fifteen leading practitioners from insurance companies, pension funds, asset management firms, impact investing funds, development finance institutions and research organizations contributed to the findings. So the report is not a pie-in-the-sky consulting docket; it’s case studies.

“For investors who are already active, moving impact investing from a small part of their portfolio to a full-fledged strategy requires operational and practical know-how,” says Abigail Noble, who heads the impact investing initiatives at WEF. “For new entrants in the field, moving impact investing from being just a compelling idea to making practical investments requires a knowledge of how to get started in this nascent and potentially rewarding sector.”

Codified as a collection of 15 articles, the report in total offers concrete approaches and insights. As impact investing gains visibility and assets under management, this report comes at a good time for those eying impact investing more closely. And as the meeting in Davos gets closer, you have to wonder whether impact investing will be the big topic discussed. Considering world leaders, business leaders and the world’s best and brightest from myriad fields gather in Davos -- the opportunity is great to show and tell all that investing investing has to offer.

The full report is available here.