TD Ameritrade Institutional is strengthening its technology platform, Veo, by starting an initiative designed to make it more "intelligent" and responsive to the needs of individual RIA firms. The open-architecture program will integrate the functionality of 60 different technology providers' software into the Veo platform.

The central component of the new platform is a new dashboard that permits RIAs to access numerous technology applications in a single place. Ultimately, artificial intelligence will tailor the applications that different advisors find on their computer screens to their specific functions within their firms. Moreover, it is intended to manage fragmented technology systems

Tom Nally, president of TD Ameritrade Institutional, explained that advisors will be able to launch Veo integrated applications from a single screen that will include document management, customer relationship management, portfolio management, financial planning, and portfolio trading and rebalancing. The intent is to enable the advisor to move "seamlessly" between applications while keeping client information consistent within the various programs.

TD Ameritrade plans to launch the new Veo dashboard this summer. Orion Advisor Services is already using it.