TD Ameritrade Institutional (TDA) is putting final touches on a customized version of Salesforce that it will release in October.

TDA Salesforce will integrate with applications from 20 vendors, including Advent, Black Diamond, EBIX (SmartOffice CRM), EISI Profiles initially, MoneyGuidePro, Orion, Redtail and PortfolioCenter. In addition, it will handle multi-custodial data, and it will include over 50 preloaded advisor workflow templates.

Initially, TD Ameritrade's application programming interface (API) will allow  real-time integration of custodial data, including alerts, accounts, balances, positions, history and quotes within Salesforce. In Phase Two, trading, wire transfers and check disbursements will be able enabled.

TD Ameritrade is offering two versions of Salesforce to advisors: and the full Salesforce CRM solution. The full version, targeted at TDA's largest RIA clients, includes campaign management and case file management.

The version is targeted at ensemble and solo firms, and does not include campaign and case file management. Although pricing hasn't been finalized, both products are expected to retail for approximately 40% off retail, or $36 per month for and $75 per month for the full version.

Other highlights of TDA Salesforce include:
    Direct sign on from VEO to Salesforce.
    The ability to use AppCrown's Quickstart and Service Monitor to view multiple applications and screens on a single monitor.
    The ability to pass data imported into Salesforce out to other applications.

According to Andy Wang, TDA's senior manager of technology product management, the initial release meets the four main objectives that TDA set for it:
1.    It meets the specific needs of financial advisors.
2.    A deep level of integration with the apps TD Ameritrade advisors use.
3.    Over 50 workflows that can be customized by firm.
4.    Additional elements, like QuickStart, that minimize clicks and maximize efficiency.


-Joel Bruckenstein