TD Ameritrade Institutional today announced the launch of an "Options Market Center'' that will provide advisors with advanced trading software, options-related expertise and support, and an options education program.

 TD Ameritrade unveiled  its Option Market Center Thursday morning at the TD Ameritrade Institutional 2011 Fall Regional Conference in Washington D.C.

"In today's uncertain market climate, clients are challenging advisors to explore new portfolio strategies as they look to protect assets while still focusing on enhancing their returns," said Tom Bradley, president of TD Ameritrade Institutional.

"As the use of options grows each year, it's important that we try to demystify these strategies so advisors are better able to communicate the opportunities, risks and considerations for incorporating options into their clients' portfolios," he added.

The Options Market Center features three key components, according to TD Ameritrade:

1.)Options Education Program: The program includes online resources, webcasts and live one-day workshops held across the country. The workshops address topics ranging from the foundational concepts of trading options, to the details of advanced options strategies. Advisors can also access online information modules that supplement the live workshops through the Advisor Education portal on Veo.  Advisors can earn up to eight Certified Financial Planner continuing education credits.

2.)Technology: Advisors will have access to "thinkpipes'' to trade all strategies ranging from basic to complex. "Thinkpipes''  is a trading platform designed for advisors looking to trade equities, ETFs and options, based on the technology of TD Ameritrade's "thinkorswim'' platform.

3.)Expertise: Advisors looking for options-related support can use a team of specialists who can help advisors manage risk, minimize portfolio volatility and potentially help enhance returns within their clients' portfolios. The Strategy Desk helps advisors understand the risks and potential benefits of options, according to TD Ameritrade.