Washington, D.C. has been called one of America's most college-educated cities. There may be a dark side to all of that higher education, however: It's also the place in the country with the most student debt.

In a state-by-state analysis the White House released on Tuesday, the Department of Education broke down which pockets of the U.S. carry the most and least outstanding debt. At an average of $40,855 per borrower, D.C. debtors' student loans are 140 percent higher than the national average of $28,400, and more than $10,000 more than what borrowers owe in Georgia, the state with the second most student debt.

Here are the 10 states with the most indebted students in ascending order:


10. New York

Average student debt load per person: $27,478

Number of borrowers: 2,821,000

Student loan default rate: 10.1 percent

Median household income: $51,554