It’s that time again.  Time to rate and learn from some of the best marketing minds and deepest advertising budgets, as the Super Bowl ads are showcased on America’s main stage.

Super Bowl XLIX between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks was as exciting as a football game can get.  It was a seesaw battle that ended with an incredible on-the-back catch by Jermaine Kearse and then an improbable interception by Malcolm Butler (a virtually unknown undrafted rookie), with just seconds left on the clock.

The commercials on the other hand, were not as great.  Actually, overall they were a bit disappointing for have costed a reported 4.5 million for a 30-second spot.

Here is my take on the best of the best, with my reasons why:

Best attention getter

When hosting people at your house for the big game, the worst thing that can happen is your TV reception goes out. 

Chevy’s “4G LTE Wi-Fi” ad showed a screen that was getting distorted, it had crackling noises and then it went black.  It was only for a couple of seconds, but it was long enough to create a panic in football lovers across the country.  My friend Anthony Froio described his thought process, saying, “I almost left a hole in your door.”

While this ad did a great job of stopping the hearts of millions of people, it also distracted people from knowing what the ad was all about, as they were too busy reacting to the first part of the commercial.

Best crowdsourced

Having the consumers create the marketing for a company to choose from is an ingenious idea.  What happens is that the organization gets loads of great commercial ideas at a fraction of what it would cost to hire an advertising agency to come up with all the different concepts.