Many credit cards offer a wealth of extra plastic perks that can save the card holder money and three cards come out on top in comparing benefits, says CardHub, a consumer credit card information website.

Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Freedom and Citi Prestige cards offer the best benefits, says CardHub in its 2015 Card Benefits Report. CardHub compared the benefits provided by non-co-branded cards offered by the 10 largest issuers by purchase volume.

The extras that are offered include such things as extended warranties, travel insurance and price matching. Most benefits are offered automatically, although Citi cards users have to register annually for some benefits.

Many cardholders are not aware of the perks that cards provide, in part because of the variety of benefits offered, says CardHub. “When you further consider the loopholes and fine print typical of many such policies and factor in lingering consumer distrust which dates back to pre-CARD Act chicanery, it’s perhaps even more understandable why ancillary credit card benefits aren’t as popular as they could be,” says CardHub.

The benefits provided by the top three include up to $1,000 in annual refunds on products that cannot be returned to the store, rental car insurance, warranty extensions, travel insurance for death or dismemberment or lost luggage, protection against price drops for products purchased and up to $50,000 in refunds for products that are stolen or damaged.