Trust Company of America (TCA) recently announced the planned launch of their "fully mobile" technology platform, dubbed Liberty. The platform will be available to existing TCA customers at the end of September.

Although numerous other custodians and technology providers have already released mobile applications for advisors, TCA claims that theirs is the first to offer all of the functionality of their existing advisor platform including trading, performance reporting, aggregation and real time information.

According to Liz Hayden, director of product management at TCA, the new mobile application focuses on four key areas: mobility, usability, functionality and branding. Mobility means advisors and their clients, through a client facing app, will have access to the information they need, anytime, anywhere. Usability means that no manual will be required. Functionality means you get all the functionality the current platform has to offer. Branding means that each advisory firm can private label the app in the Apple App Store and other marketplaces for use by their employees and clients. All pages within the application itself can also be private labeled.

Apps will be available for the iPad, the Motorola XOOM (Android 3.1) and the Blackberry Playbook.  For further information, visit:

-Joel Bruckenstein