WorldClinic has been selected to be one of only two resources recommended on the UBS platform of health-care offerings for its high-net-worth clients and key executives, according to the medical concierge.

UBS Wealth Management Americas selected WorldClinic after a nationwide review of more than 30 health-care companies, according to the firm.

“Healthcare continues to be among the foremost concerns of our clients,” said John Amore, UBS’s deputy head of wealth management transformation. “In delivering our approach of advice beyond investing, it was critical that we identify health-related solutions for our financial advisors to deliver to their clients. WorldClinic was chosen because they are global in scope and have a complete understanding of our clients’ unique needs and concerns.”

WorldClinic was one of 10 companies brought in for interviews and vetted before being chosen to be part of the final UBS healthcare resource platform.

“For our members, WorldClinic is like a personal medical ‘OnStar’” said Dr. Dan Carlin, CEO of WorldClinic. “We operate 24/7 and are experts at delivering immediate care, anytime and anywhere. Like UBS, we are both in the business of protecting our clients’ number one asset—their health.”