Investors continued to dive into bond funds for safety in July, while pulling money out of stock funds, according to a report by Strategic Insight.

For July, bond fund inflows hit $29.2 billion, with the year-to-date total at $185.1 billion-50% above full-year results for 2011, according to the report.

In the same month, $12.7 billion flowed out of domestic equity mutual funds, while international equity funds saw a $1 billion inflow, according to the report.

Investors' search for income and safety led to bond fund demand across a broad spectrum of corporate and U.S. government funds, high- and low-credit quality, and global bond strategies, according to Strategic Insight, a New York-based research firm serving the mutual fund and wealth management industries.

U.S. exchange-traded funds (ETFs) enjoyed $14 billion in net inflows in July, Strategic Insight reported. That brings total ETF net inflows-including exchange-traded notes-to nearly $90 billion so far in 2012.

-Jim McConville