Senator Elizabeth Warren charged Thursday Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Mary Jo White has put the agency on a path that could severely reduce corporate disclosures to investors.

In a letter to White, Warren claimed the SEC Chair’s Disclosure Effectiveness Initiative is based on a bogus assertion that disclosures are giving investors  “information overload.”

“Though the Commission, under your leadership, has portrayed information overload as a major issue for investors, it has consistently failed to demonstrate that investors feel overwhelmed by the amount of information they receive from public companies,” the Massachusetts Democrat wrote.

She said her contention is supported by the CFA Institute and the SEC’s Investor Advisory Committee

The Senator characterized the “information overload” allegation as an unsubstantiated talking point from large corporations seeking to limit disclosures to investors.

Warren urged the SEC to increase the amount of information available to investors by completing 20 rules the agency was told to write six years ago by the Dodd-Frank Act.

The uncompleted Dodd-Frank mandates include unwritten rules on CEO “pay for performance” and reporting requirements for security-based swap dealers.

She also accused the SEC of being lax on enforcing climate change disclosures.

“As the Chair has explained previously, the Commission’s initiative is intended to make disclosure better and more meaningful for investors, including streamlining, modifying and providing additional disclosure," an SEC spokesperson said in an email. "Others, including investors, support efforts to make disclosure more meaningful.”