There are a number of key characteristics and behavioral patterns that are often instrumental in enabling people to create significant personal fortunes. These ways of thinking, followed by corresponding actions, are referred to as Millionaire Intelligence.

Millionaire Intelligence is the framework people regularly employ to join the ranks of self-made millionaires. It is based on more than a quarter century of empirical investigations comparing the business-building and personal wealth-creating thought processes and behaviors of self-made millionaires with those of the rest of the population.

The results of this research show there are very pronounced and distinct ways of thinking about and approaching wealth creation that change in both intensity and nature as net worth increases. For example, there are decisive actions separating self-made millionaires from wannabes. Moreover, there are often highly nuanced behaviors, which distinguish those lower on the private wealth hierarchy from those at the very top.

Select Components of Millionaire Intelligence
For illustrative purposes, the Millionaire Intelligence framework can be divided into two sets of factors. One set is the way individuals think about the business world and how they approach doing business. It’s about how to work most effectively with associates, competitors and everyone else.

By and large, this is the mind-set of self-made millionaires. Without the right mind-set, a person is not going to effectively navigate to the outcomes that produce a noteworthy personal fortune. The other set of factors is the actions—the behaviors—that are key to driving financial success.

While Millionaire Intelligence has many interconnected synergistic components, the intent here is to highlight just a few of them. Self-made millionaires…

• Are committed to creating significant personal wealth.

• Put themselves in the line of money.

• Use failure to refine and focus.

• Connect for profit and results.

They commit to creating personal wealth: Truth be told, many people would like to be rich but haven’t devoted the time or effort necessary to get there. Doing so can often mean being faced with choices that help them reach their goal of being wealthy at the expense of something else that may be important to them. Self-made millionaires usually have a clear sense that amassing money is one of a number of very important objectives and that, by doing so, they consciously prioritize activities with the highest potential return, which may necessitate assigning a lower priority to many other things in their lives.