The Securities and Exchange Commission may let professionals with Chartered Financial Analyst and other certifications automatically qualify as “accredited investors.”

“A certification may position an individual to be able to analyze more comprehensively a company’s financial condition and results of operation. Holding a particular license or degree may provide an individual with the knowledge and sophistication to qualify as an accredited investor,” SEC Chair Mary Jo White said in a November 15 letter to House Financial Services Capital Markets Subcommittee Chairman Scott Garrett.

Accredited investors are allowed to purchase stakes in hedge funds and other private vehicles.

However, she cautioned, an investor’s use of an advisor may not be a good measure of the individual’s understanding of the risks.

To help determine that, White said the commission may analyze the extent of investors filing claims against advisors from investments in unregistered offerings.

The SEC is conducting a Dodd-Frank Act-mandated review of accredited investor criteria.