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ECB & Fed: Worlds Apart

A different approach to central banking between the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) and the European Central Bank (ECB) proves remarkable.

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Monetary Cliff?

The fate of the U.S. dollar is at stake as the presidential election approaches...

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Beyond The Fiscal Cliff:The Dollar At Risk?

  Obama or Romney Administration? The risk to the U.S. dollar is examined under either administration.

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Fight the Inflation Boogeyman

What's an investor to do to inflation-proof their portfolio?   

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Bernanke Put: Beware of Easy Money

Investors may want to consider adding a mix of currencies to their existing portfolios.

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Fed To Debase Dollar?

What lies ahead for investors? Axel Merk shares his analysis on what makes the FOMC tick in order for investors to position themselves.    

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