January 2010

The Human Side Of Succession Planning

by Charles D. Fox IV

Family conflict is almost an inevitable part of family business succession planning.

Billionaire Poker

by Russ Alan Prince

After The Facts

A Worldly Boutique

by Michael S. Fischer

Eagle Global Advisors relies on multifamily offices and other intermediaries to deliver its international equity strategy to high-net-worth investors.

A Spreadsheet Tune-Up

by Hugh Bagatelle

Here's how a family office can get the most out of Excel and other office spreadsheets.

Reputation Management

by Jan Alexander

Michelle Jordan helps her wealthy clients protect their public image-especially during times of scandal or adversity.

The Rich Warm Up To ETFs

by Gregory Bresiger

Transparency, low cost and sophisticated strategies have helped ETFs attract the attention of high-net-worth investors.

A Door To U.S. Citizenship

by H. Ronald Klasko

A law that allows wealthy foreign nationals to invest their way to permanent U.S. residency has been extended.

Coming Clean On Offshore Accounts

by Seth J. Entin and Barbara T. Kaplan

Now that the deadline has passed on an IRS partial amnesty program, offshore account holders still have options for making disclosures.

Picking Up The Pieces

by Andrea S. Kramer and Thomas P. Ward

Victims of Ponzi schemes and other types of fraud can, with proper use of tax law, recover some of their losses.

Investments Down Under

by Eric Uhlfelder

Australian stocks have delivered the most consistent returns of any developed market over both the short and long term.

Risk Redux

by Kristin M. Fox

Chief risk officers have become the hedge fund industry's answer to a new era of risk aversion.

Staring At Opportunity

by Raymond Fazzi

MFOs have a chance to shine bright during these troubled times, according to an industry roundtable.

From Hunting Monsters To Extreme Wealth

by Russ Alan Prince and Hannah Shaw Grove

Money Rules

Editor's Note

The New Dichotomy

by Hannah Shaw Grove

The super-rich have long been known for their privacy and discretion, guarding the details of their personal lives with ferocity and skillfully avoiding the overtures of unknown parties...


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