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Private Property - Keep Out!

by Jim Carolan and Amber Melville-Brown

Defending your privacy, reputation and the circle of domestic peace.

Holiday Hosts Need To Be Wary Of Liability


Here are five steps wealthy clients can take to reduce their liability risks when hosting holiday events.

Harvard University Deserves Ballmer's Millions


Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's gift to Harvard to expand its computer science program has prompted unfair grousing about the money's wastefulness.

Ebola Update: Cautious Optimism


The founder of a global concierge telemedicine practice assesses the news on the deadly Ebola virus.

Asset Allocation WIth Illiquid Investments

by Bill Spitz

Combining real estate and private equity in a portfolio in the correct proportion should both enhance returns and dampen volatility versus more traditional asset allocations.

Growing A Practice The Multifamily Office Way


Advisors of all stripes can take lessons from the multifamily office model and use them to increase profitability.

Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Sues To Form His Own Fund


A founder of one the world's largest hedge funds is suing his former firm claiming his contract is unenforceable.

Guarding Privacy In A Technology-Driven World

by Claudia B. Sangster

For families of significant wealth, the advent of social media has added a layer of complexity to managing risk.

The Estate Planning Multi-Tool


The range of uses for family limited liability companies and partnerships has expanded in recent years.

A Bazillionaire's Guide To Stress Relief

by Michael Lewis/Bloomberg News

Anxiety on Wall Street is at an all-time high, but there are many more ways to cope than meditation or suicide.

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