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Rich Families Cut Back On Buyout Firms For Direct Deals

Single-family offices are shifting from outside funds into direct investments because of declining fund returns and high manager fees.

Did Romney Pay Too Much Federal Tax?

by Eric L. Reiner

Clients may be asking how Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney gets his tax rate to as low as 14.1%-and how you can do the same for them...

Bernanke Says Fed To Keep Rates Low Even As Growth Rises

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke renewed a pledge to sustain record stimulus even after the U.S...

Stocks Beat Bonds, Commodities With Longest Rally Since 2007

Emerging markets led global stocks to the fourth monthly gain in September, the longest streak since 2007, handing equity investors better returns than bonds, commodities and the dollar and...

The Plan

by ,

Have financial advisors gone sour on selling 529 college savings plans?

Texas Pensions Pan Steps By States To Close Deficits

Texas public pensions say they wouldn't close their funding gap by switching to defined contribution plans.

Another Arrow in the Quiver: Diversifying Income with REITs - Legg Mason - 0912


September 2012   Another Arrow in the Quiver: Diversifying...

Dividend Income: Music to Our Ears - LeggMason-CB-1012


October 2012   Dividend Income: Music to Our Ears

Passionate Investing on the Rise: Spotlight on Asset Protection for Collectors - ACE - Passion - 1012


October 2012   Passionate Investing on the Rise: Spotlight on Asset...

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